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Department of Visual Arts

Welcome to Department of Visual Arts


The Department has nurtured countless outstanding teachers for teaching visual arts curriculum of elementary schools and renowned professionals in the art industry, as a result of its strong emphasis on excellent teaching, research and collaboration with the industry. For years we have insisted on following the university’s philosophy in holistic education by developing diverse professional competencies and skills of our students and faculties. The department offers courses meeting the educational needs of all levels of study: undergraduate programs, graduate program for full-time students, evening graduate program and summer graduate program, with one class per year for each type of program. Our professional courses are divided into two tracks highlighting our two educational focuses: “Graphic and Plastic Arts” and “Digital Arts”, with the first track covering painting, printmaking, sculpture, 3D plastic design, conceptual art and installation art, while the other track focuses on visual communication design, laser art, multimedia and 3D animation design, virtual reality and video game design. We are also committed to developing “glocalized” visual art courses aimed to embed global art into the local context and promote local art to the international art community.