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Department of Visual Arts

Welcome to Department of Visual Arts

Goals and Visions

Ever since the Department was established in August 1992, our faculties and students have actively conducted research in visual art and even extended to the wide realm of visual culture, to respond to the changes in Taiwanese society, the impact of globalization on local culture, and the development trends about culture, aesthetics and creativity in our contemporary society. Also, to integrating art with technology, which plays an increasingly important role in our modern lives, “Graphic and Plastic Arts” and “Digital Art” tracks are established to enrich the development and diversity of visual arts. The Department has and will remain committed to cultivating and nurturing professionals for Taiwan’s visual arts industry and talents specialized in art creation and visual design, while continuously to innovate based on the five development goals:

1. Enhancing diverse art creation in painting, printmaking, sculpture, 3D plastic design and conceptual art and excellent research and teaching in the relevant fields by integrating visual art traditions of major art disciplines with contemporary visual art trends;

2. Developing and applying art integrated with advanced technology such as visual communications design, laser art, multimedia and 3D animation design, virtual reality and video game design for artwork creation and visual arts research and teaching;

3. Establishing professional art workshops and adopt new teaching approach by enhancing collaboration across industry, governmental organizations and the academia.

4. Connecting with the international academia and promoting professional exchanges with professional visual art institutions in Europe, the US and Japan while planning visual art education with global vision;

5. Promoting integration of visual arts with modern industries and enabling wider application of visual arts in such fields to strengthen the Department’s ties with the industry and offer knowledge and teaching useful for and applicable in our students’ careers.